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Life on Bushwick Avenue

By superchar, 12/06/2014 - 15:34

Well it seems like a long time ago Hank made his last trip to Lowes at 10pm to get the right kind of screw right before they shut at 11, and that was last Saturday. Then Sunday came and we were open, just like that. Friends made pilgrimmages from other neighborhoods and other states (yo Philly!) to make us a destination. Family came with Cheesecakes and a big potted plants and we toasted from the leopard couch that came to us from Scot Weiss's house (Ed Geins Car, Iron Prostate, Brunch of the Living Dead) who got it from Simona (Oscar and The Pidgeon Sisters, The Staggs) who got it from The Roxy. If that couch could talk, it would be the drunk salty character at the party with no boundries and won't shut up or leave. Much like our friends. We are so happy and proud to be part of the couch's story.

As the neighborhood became aware of us, musicians on their way to practice stopped in for picks and sticks. Neighbors peeked in the windows and stopped in to give us the thumbs up. One young woman new to everything in the neighborhood took a new route home and found us. She stopped in the next day while doing laundry and improvised a beautiful song on the burgundy Kapa and then created our first Yelp review. One young man who grew up in The Williamsburg Houses came by for a stringwinder. He told us our space used to be the candy store he used to go to as a kid and buy the itching powder that would get him in trouble at school. In a way this space has maintained its legacy of delightful things, instead of candy, music (no itching powder though, but great effects).

The Sweatshop Studios reached out with a really nice hello and we rounded out the week with the sale of our first big ticket item, the black Sovtek Big Muff went to our local coffee shop guy. Cup coffee rocks!

Speaking of delightful things, check out our super stylish blue sparkle Fender SuperSonic now in the window. This would look so awesome under the tree, or for those in small apartments, the bush.

Happy almost Solstice y'all!