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By superchar, 12/01/2014 - 14:44

So the long road we started last April has led us here. 176 Bushwick Avenue home of Rock and Roll Supplies Inc is open and ready to serve the rehearsing and gigging public. We are right across the street from the lovely and scenic Bushwick Hotel on Bushwick and Stagg and within a noise complaint of the Acheron Club and The Anchored Inn. Also The Sweatshop Studios are rediculously close. Our storefront is part of the historic Williamsburg Houses, the first housing project in the city built in 1936 so our space reflects the esthetic of a time gone by where space, light and air were important features of architecture. Come on by and check out Mark's Silvertone, Nima's Hondo II, and Hank's Kapa in the window. Come inside and get your sticks, picks, batteries, felts, patch cables, ear plugs, Advil and whatever else to get your gig rollin. Ok? We are here and open 7 days, 11 - 9

Peace and noise!